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Lizzie McGuire: 1x22

Educating Ethan

Gordo wants to raise money for a new stereo, so Miranda and Lizzie suggest he tutor students who need help in math. His first student is Ethan Craft, much to the girls’ delight. When Gordo is working with Ethan at the Digital Bean, Lizzie and Miranda keep trying to horn in on the action and end up spilling drinks all over the guys’ papers. Gordo gets mad at them and suggests that they aren’t smart enough to help him tutor anyway. The girls get angry right back at him and leave. Meanwhile, Matt and his friend Oscar are looking for something exciting to do. They decide to become “”super heroes”” Matt Man and the Incredible Oscar. They go around the neighborhood in costume trying to do good deeds, but all they do is annoy the neighbors. At lunch the next day, Gordo is having trouble explaining fractions to Ethan. As a peace offering, Lizzie tries to help. Gordo is not too happy about it, especially when Lizzie’s explanation is clearer than his own. Ethan asks Lizzie to tutor him instead. Li

Sep. 21, 2001

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