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Lizzie McGuire: 1x19

Sibling Bonds

Matt is irritating Lizzie with his magic tricks while she’s trying to do homework. Soon they are fighting like cats and dogs–or brother and sister–much to the annoyance of their parents. But as soon as Sam and Jo stop them, they go right back to fighting. At school Ethan Craft speaks to Lizzie and Miranda, but Lizzie is so tongue-tied she can barely utter a word. Mr. Escobar announces a charity drive and asks for volunteers. Lizzie thinks she’ll be too busy until she hears that Ethan will be there. At home Lizzie is making some cookies for the event when Matt tries out another trick. This time he handcuffs himself to his sister, but he can’t get the cuffs loose. Mom spies the key and hides it, thinking that if the kids are forced to spend a few hours chained together, they might learn to get along better. Now Lizzie is facing the horror of going to the charity drive with her little brother stuck on her arm! At the drive, Lizzie tries to hide Matt as best she can while Kate takes adva

Aug. 17, 2001

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