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Lizzie McGuire: 1x14

Lizzie's Nightmares

Lizzie is in a frenzy because Ethan Craft has asked her to sit with him at lunch the next day. But at home she still has to put up with bratty brother Matt, who put honey on the phone receiver and messed up her hair. Lizzie is furious with him and this time his parents are also very upset, too. They ground him and Mom says there will be more severe punishment to come. Matt races to catch the bus, but he gets on the wrong one, the junior high bus. Ethan Craft tells him to get out of his seat, but Matt stands up to him, which Ethan likes. He tells him his name is “”Bond…Matt Bond.”” By the time they reach school, Matt has created a legend for himself as a child prodigy, actor, etc. and his reputation has already spread all over school. At home, Jo McGuire is worried when she hears Matt isn’t at school. She fears he may have run away because she and husband Sam were so harsh with him. They call the police and even try to get Lanny to talk. Meanwhile, Lizzie heads toward Ethan’s lunch tab

Jun. 08, 2001

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