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Lizzie McGuire: 1x13

Random Acts of Miranda

Lizzie, who is writing for the school newspaper, asks for the assignment of covering the school’s production of Mr. Escobar’s play “”Greasier.”” Miranda is overjoyed when she unexpectedly gets the lead in the play. When Lizzie and Gordo go to rehearsal, however, they are dismayed to find that Miranda is a terrible actress, and clumsy to boot. Miranda is confident before the opening of the play, but her performance is no better and she destroys most of the props and scenery. Lizzie can’t bring herself to write the bad review Miranda deserves, but Gordo thinks she’ll be able to take it. Lizzie writes a review that is honest, but goes easy on Miranda. Her friend doesn’t see it that way, though, and thinks Lizzie has betrayed her. At lunch they get into a big fight. Gordo gives Miranda a tape of her performance and a copy of Lizzie’s review and asks her to watch and read them both. Lizzie writes a retraction of her review but Miranda now realizes she was just being honest and tells her not

Jun. 01, 2001

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